Author photographer
Graduate ENACP
Lives and works in Paris

With a strong interest in composite images, collage, landscapes, series on themes that invite the audience and portraits, are some of the many ways she explores her sensitivity and aestheticism

Photographer and visual artist, she has developed a photo-graphic approach to publish in music, advertising, press and cinema and a sense of creativity that she aspires to exercise in the most honest way according to periods and subjects. It is not uncommon for her to be back and forth between different rhetoric of picture which confirms her as a polymorphous photographer.

More recently, her work has gone back to its roots: portfolios for publication, physical exhibitions and fulfilling commissions.




— 2021 : Strangers Dreams, curatée par Klio Krajewska, cycle Rêve! Mains d’œuvres, Paris
— 2019 : Marrakech photography encounters with Culture Nomade and Voix Off Arles, from 14 to 20 October 2019
— 2019 : Auction, to support the associations that deal with migrants, Abbatiale St Ouen, Rouen, from September 28 to October 4, 2019

— 2019 : Monart, international community, global art market
— 2018 : Salon des Fake news, collective exhibition by Alain Snyers /Maison des Arts contemporains de Pérouges / Maroc
— 2018 : Rikiki 2, collective exhibition by Joël Hubaut / Galerie Satellite
— 2018 : Dreamers series‘s online exhibition on Corridor Elephant Magazine
— 2017 : Week End à la mer, collective exhibition, Maison De La Plage
— 2017 : Pop Up Store, 19 Coté Cour, Paris
— 2017 : Online exhibition on the American online, magazine Lenscratch
— 2017 : Online exhibition on the American online Group, Woman in Photography
— 2016 : MAT#1: Public auction dedicated to technological art and partner of Futur En Seine 2016, 19 Coté Cour, Paris
— 2013 : Plus jamais seul, Standard, collective exhibition, Rennes
— 2013 : Grigri Fétiche, Atelier des vertus, Paris
— 2013 : Fluxus contre emploi, Galerie L’oeil Histrion – Hermanville-sur-Mer
— 2011 : Light Dreamers, Strada, Paris
— 2011 : Festival Djazzafonk Unlimited, Clichy
— 2000 : Magnificent, Atelier David Gaz, Paris
— 1999 : Magnificent, Magnific Mag, Atelier Mitchel Feinberg, Paris
— 1996 : Metissage Nite, Espace Cyrille Varet, Paris
— 1995 : Sarasvatî, What’s Up, Paris
— 1994 : Salon de la photographie, Kodak, Paris

[See and be seen  —  All the eyes are  © Nadia Rabhi]

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